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OpenCertHub is the only authorized organization in the Asia-Pacific region delivering CPFA® professional examination and certification. We are authorised by EmblocSoft, the only organization in the Asia-Pacific region listed in the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). OpenCertHub has developed its intelligent examination platform so that everyone can access its examinations for different certificates for Apache projects and gain official authentication of his/her open source big data knowledge and relevant skill sets with professional qualifications such as the CPFA® (Certified Professionals for Apache Projects).


Comprehensive Range of Role and Skill Set Certification
As Per Your Interest and Career Advancement


The OpenCertHub offers a series of examination syllabuses and certificates for those who are interested in acquiring big data knowledge and skill sets. Each examinee can choose his/her training partners and enroll in different examination to authenticate their big data proficiency.



International Professional Qualification That You Can Attain From…

Certified Professionals For Apache projects (CPFA®)


Events & Activities

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Introduction Of CPFA® in SmartBitz 2019 – Data Literacy as the key factor in digital transformation
Source: Hong Kong
Mr. Andy Kwok, CEO of OpenCertHub, was invited by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) as a speaker in their booth during the exhibition. Andy explained the features and characteristics of the CPFA® Scheme and emphasized the importance of data literacy in the era of digital transformation.
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”Talk With The Government”: OGCIO X OpenCertHub - How to drive innovation in the business world by promoting Open Data?
Source: LinkedIn
On the 8th of November, Mr. Victor Lam, JP, Government Chief Information Officer, Mr. Donald Mak, Assistance Government Chief Information Officer (IT Infrastructure) met with OpenCertHub Team to discuss about OpenData and DataLiteracy.
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Return of "Big Data Fundamentals for Apache projects" Corporate Workshop (Episode II)!
Source: LinkedIn
Following positive industry feedback on "Big Data Fundamental For Apache projects" Corporate Workshop (Episode I) held on 10th Sept. 2019, OpenCertHub invited Kornerstone, a leading local training institute, Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) and Mr. Patrick Tsoi, famous data scientist and senior Big Data trainer to hold Episode II on 1st and 7th Nov. 2019, attracting different corporations such as HKPC, CITIC Telecom, Sa Sa, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company, Kwoon Chung Motor, etc. to send their staff to attend such a meaningful workshop.
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Media & News

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Forbes predicts “Data Literacy” will be the most important job skill in 2020
Source: Forbes
As technology develops, the workplaces are also changing rapidly. Some believe that society evolves to embrace the 4th industrial revolution. According to the World Economic Forum, only five years from now, 35 percent of the skills seen as essential today will change. According to Forbes, famous digital futurist, Bernard Marr predicted that 10 job skills would be essential to every company in 2020: The first and most important one is Data Literacy. Pointing out the importance of Data Literacy has become a reality instead of a forecast phenomenon in the future.
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OpenCertHub winning China’s Top 50 Big Data Corporation Award 2019!
Source: LinkedIn
This year, the “World’s Computer Conference 2019” was successfully held in September 2019. OpenCertHub was honored to be awarded in the “China's Top 50 Big Data Corporations”, together with the Chinese tech giants such as Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Didi, etc . It is an annual award in the white paper of 2019 China’s Big Data Industry Development 2019 (2019中国大数据产业发展白皮书) which was co-run by Big Data Industry Ecological Alliance of China and CCID Consulting; to nominated top influential enterprise in Big Data fields.
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Data Scientists 將成大熱門搶手職業?OpenCertHub 推大數據技能考試平台,9 張證書自我增值
Source: ePrice
無論你係準備搵工嘅畢業生,抑或係喺職場打滾多年嘅老前輩,有時都可能會想讀多幾個課程,考多幾個證書 / 牌照,好好增值自己。而呢個時候要考慮嘅係,到底現今社會有乜嘢知識技能,係比較有前景?而我認為,大數據 (Big Data) 會係一個大方向,我身邊有位朋友,都自學研究 Big Data。不過,好似我朋友呢啲自學完出嚟,出到嚟見工點證明自己識呢樣嘢?OpenCertHub 就首推 CPFA (Certified Professionals For Apache projects) 大數據技能考試平台,為大數據及開源技術人才認證數據智商,幫助個人職業發展。
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Welcome to Big Data's World

Value of Big Data, Open Source, Data Talent in Digital Economy

In the era of Big Data and open source technology, one of most important strategic initiatives for corporation …………..

OpenCertHub Launch Ceremony

OpenCertHub Launch Ceremony on 24th April, 2019 in Hong Kong

Official Launch Ceremony of OpenCertHub was held in Hong Kong Club Building on 24th April 2019………

HK ICT Expo and GS1 HK IoT Conference

OpenCertHub attended HK ICT Expo and GS1 HK IoT Conference

Management Team of OpenCertHub was invited to these events to share the point of view regarding the ………

Dr. Toa Charm
Chairman of the OpenCertHub
DBA, M.A., B.Sc., AI and Big Data Certification (MIT)

Role of Hong Kong in Big Data & AI

“Possessing experience and strength in establishing different industry standards, Hong Kong can act as………”

Mr. Tony Chan
Founder & CTO of EmblocSoft
(AP Distributor of Apache Hadoop and related Apache software)

Open Source X Apache

“Apache is the biggest open source software organization in the world.”


Herbert Chia
Former Head of Data Committee, Group Vice President at Alibaba Group

Expectation on Big Data industry

“Big Data skills is needed in every professional!”

Source: B4B Big Data Challenge – Big Data for Digital Transformation

Herbert Chia
Former Head of Data Committee, Group Vice President at Alibaba Group

Big Data

“Two main directions in Big Data development”

Source: B4B Big Data Challenge – Big Data for Digital Transformation

Herbert Chia
Former Head of Data Committee, Group Vice President at Alibaba Group

Artificial Intelligence

“There is still a long way to go for AI, representing long term development opportunity.”

Source: B4B Big Data Challenge – Big Data for Digital Transformation